Is There Karma in the NFL?

Is there Karma in the National Football League? And is it Good Karma or Bad Karma? (Depends on which side of the fence you fall on or better said “your team colors are”).

Just ask the New England Patriots or New Orleans Saints and the New York Jets.

Just after Week 1 the New England Patriots traded their one time starting RB Laurence Maroney to the Denver Broncos. Then during the very next game their third down RB Kevin Faulk goes down with a knee injury and is out for the remainder of the season. Good or Bad Karma?

Now we go to New Orleans and we watched Reggie Bush give back the Heisman Trophy but proudly announce he was giving it back, “but in no way was it admittance to doing anything wrong”, while taking money and a house for his parents. Then during the next game Reggie breaks his leg while foundering on the ground after muffing a punt. Good or Bad Karma?

Now we turn to the New York Jets and so far a Season of Karma. First the Jets allow HBO’s Hard Knocks to film training camp and take grief for all the language that Coach Rex Ryan spouts out of his mouth. Then they drop an egg in Week 1 during a National Broadcast Game on ESPN, Monday Night Football, after they shoot off their BIG Mouths. Next we learned that a few members of the team were rude and immature to a female reporter. Then during Week 2 game their offence finally woke up and released the season had started. And now WR Bryton Edwards showed his ugly head again and may have cost the Jets more than 15 yards for taunting with a DWI Charge. Good or Bad Karma?

So what have we learned?

Beware Andy Reid be honest and tell everyone who honestly TOLD you to start at Quarterback Michael Vick then you’re starting QB Kevin Kolb. And don’t blame it on a poor offensive line. We all know Andy Reid is stubborn with his starting QB’s and he should had known how weak his starting line was, what else is mini-camp, training camp and the preseason games for? Andy Reid announced that Kevin Kolb was the starter and Michael Vick was his backup. So be honest Andy was it Owner/CEO Jeffery Lurie or Team President Joe Banner or General Manager Howie Roseman? Remember Andy “Good Karma or Bad Karma”.

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