NFL Week #3 Headlines

Monday Morning Week # 3 Review and Headlines

The Ships are Righted!

Is the panic over in Dallas and Minneapolis with both teams’ first wins? Is Coach Wade Phillips is on the Hot Seat or has the burner been turned off with a win in Houston? Well, the Vikings only beat and barely at that, a poor and rebuilding Detroit Lions son the panic button should be still be pressed in Minnesota. And as for the Dallas Cowboys, they finally put together a complete Offensive Game, so the panic button can be released but, keep your hand nearby. Coach Wade Phillips should still be on the Hot Seat, his team seems to be prepared only when their backs are against the wall.

Woo Woo Woo and Three Teams!

The Surprise team that is in this category is of course the San Francisco 49er’s. Is Coach Mike Singletary intense on and off the field message getting old on the team? And the Teams Playing for the 2011 Number 1 Draft Pick. Detroit Lions…… Cleveland Browns…… Buffalo Bills…… Carolina Panthers…… And the question is will Browns Coach Eric Mangini finish the year as Head Coach and will the same be said about Carolina Coach John Fox. This question will be answered in an up and coming Blog called Coaches on the Hot Seat.

September Morn is still in San Diego.

Can the Chargers ever start the season on a winning note? The season has always started in September but the Chargers seemed not to wake up until the beach bunnies have turned in their bikinis for their winter cover up.

New York Giants get caught up in the Tennessee Titans ruff-house tactics.

The Titans have always played Down and Dirty under Head Coach Jeff Fisher and his team has always been dirty players. The New York Giants just got caught up in the Titans game plain and Coach Tom Coughlin lost control of his team. With five personal fouls the Titans won the mental game too and with the Giants Red Zone collapse with turnovers turning the punter naught necessary player is clearly putting Coach Tom Coughlin on the burner and the Hot Seat.

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