NFL Week #3 Hot Topics: Penalties & Contender/Pretender


We all saw the truth be told on the field as in life that “Too Many Penalties Will Cost You the Game!” just ask the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants.


With three teams still undefeated after Week #3 which 3-0 team is a Contender or a Pretender.

Pittsburg Steelers: CONTENDER….. Because of their Defense only, even with QB Ben Roethlisberger returning after the Steelers bye week, their Offense is still weak and the Defense will have to carry the team or better said as long SS Troy Polamalu is leading the Defense.

Chicago Bears: Pretender…. Coach Lovie Smith last chance to save his job brought in Mike Martz and made him his Offensive Coordinator but with the QB Jay Cutler this maybe a deadly combination, because of Coach Martz runs a timing pass pattern offense and QB Jay Cutler willingness to throw the ball to the other team. And the Bears have NO running game which means Cutler will throw the ball more to the other team.

Kansas City Chiefs: Pretender…..They has a NFL Fourth Place Schedule and at starting Quarterback Matt Cassel is at best a backup on most of the other NFL Teams. The Chiefs will come back to earth.

Monday Night Football Week #3 Wrap-Up

With the Week #1 injury to RB Ryan Grant the Green Bay Packers showed Monday Night their weakness with no running game and showed their fans that their dreams of a Super Bowl Run will have to go by Air. And the Chicago Bears showed they too have NO running game and QB Jay Cutler was very lucky that the Packers were in a Penalty Playing Mode. And Coach Lovie Smith should be thankful that WR Devin Hester saved him from a bad 4th a Goal lets go for it call with a punt return for a touchdown, when a field goal would have tied the game. Remember the Old Baseball Saying “At Home you play for the tie and on the Road you play for the Win”. Everyone was making the statement that the Bears Defense was a Great Defense in the mold of the 1995 Defense this is NOT true, the Bears Defense is a Good Defense with One Great D-Linemen in Julius Peppers; the Green Bay Packers went up & down the field on them with no running game, just had too many Penalties. I’ll give you another example of why I believe the Chicago Bears is NOT a Great Defensive Team but a Good Defensive Team is because LB Brian Urlacher has lost a step or two because a crapping QB Aaron Rodgers out ran Brian to the pylon.

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