NFL 2011 Super Bowl Week: Favorite Media Questions

A Little off the wall Blog about some of those favorite media questions. A day after Media Day in Dallas and reflecting on some of the questions that have been asked or going to asked over, over, and over again and of course some question I wish I could ask.

1)      What does the (Team…fill in the Blank) need to do to win the game? My answer is very simple stop the opposing Quarterback from extending the play and making that big play. Both Quarterbacks have that ability to move in the pocket and more important outside the pocket to extend the play. And both Quarterbacks have that ability to get that HOT Hand and get on a roll that makes it hard on the Defense.

2) Which Team has the toughest Defense? Well I am a little bias on this answer. I grew up a STEEL CURTAIN Fan. I can say this I grew up on rooting for certain players not a team but I did root for the Pittsburgh Steelers Defense and Mean Joe Greene, Mel Blount, Jack Ham, and so on, but my ALL TIME Favorite Player Jack “The Man of Steel” Lambert. So knowing this you know I have to pick the Pittsburgh Steelers has the toughest Defense.

3) Why isn’t Ben Roethlisberger among the Top Quarterbacks mention in anybody’s list? or Where doe Ben Roethlisberger Rank? Truth to be told his game is not “PRETTY” and Big Ben’s OFF the FIELD ACTIONS takes even more away from him personally. Big Ben also runs a Down in the Dirty & Grim Playground Offense not a Pretty Tight West Coast Offense which hurts him on everyone’s lists.

4) Whose Hair’s is better Troy ”Mister MVP or The Million Dollar Hair” Polamalu or “The Blood Line” Clay Matthews? Head & Shoulders reportedly has insured Troy’s hair for a Million Dollars. And Clay just got his hair deal, so you have to go with TROY’S.

5) Who will win the Game? Read my Super Bowl XLV Blog later this week for my answer.

6) Would you like to Play the Biggest Game of the Season Outdoors in this Weather? The Bitter COLD, ICE, and SNOW got the Media thinking about the Future Super Bowl in the New Meadowlands Stadium. Well the NFL should have known that the weather could affect the Super Bowl it has done it before but NEVER Minus Degree temperatures with Wind and Blowing Snow which could be 100% guarantee in the New Meadowlands Stadium. The Media Bitched and Moaned when the Game was played in Detroit and it was played indoors; just think what they will write and say about New Jersey’s winters.

7) How can we make this game more Safe to play? Give me a break! I played the game and it took its toll on my body and IT IS PART OF THE GAME. Football is a tough sport where injuries happen. Rule changes in my opinion have HURT the Game! Too much protection with rule changes on the Quarterback. I understand the NFL is just trying to protect its investment but play the game like it was meant to be played. Remember the NFL once stood for Not For Long League. With the speed of the game improving and players working out year round not like the old days when Spring Training was the time players got in shape the game has changed. The equipment has improved but I do agree with Daryl “Moose” Johnston the Helmet Technology needs improvement.

8 ) An Against the Grain Question? A shout-out to the Dan “The Hair” Patrick and the Danettes. Which team will most likely be able to Repeat this Season Next Year? We all know it seems that the LOSER of the Super Bowl usually doesn’t even make the playoffs next season. I believe if the Green Bay Packers suffer the injuries again next season like they did this season they will have no hope making it to Super Bowl next year, but if healthy and the other teams stay the same No Team in the NFC can beat the current NFC Champions and can be repeated. But we all know changes are a coming. And as for the Pittsburgh Steelers, well the Steelers seem to me to be one of those Rollercoaster Teams where One Season they are up and the next season they are down so, I feel 2011-2012 season maybe a down year for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

9) Has Rodgers been able to fill Favre’s Shoes? Also asked this way. Has Aaron Rodgers been able to surpass the Legionary Brett Favre in the eyes of the Green Bay Packer Fans? Well it is hard for me to answer this one because I am not a Green Bay Packer Fan and not a big supporter of Brett Favre. I’m not saying Brett Favre wasn’t a Good or a Great Quarterback but I will say this I believe Favre is a guy who is FULL of HIMSELF. What I mean by that Brett played like he thought he could make ever throw and more times than not it hurt his team. And if try and argue the point for Brett Favre, I will argue that Brett played on some good teams in Green Bay and One out of Two Seasons in Minnesota and how many rings does Brett have? One, but with his career numbers shouldn’t it be argued he should have more and maybe all those turnovers may have cost him one or two more rings. But if Aaron Rodgers can lift that Vince Lombardi Trophy Sunday Night the Green Bay Packers will say “Brett Who?”.

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