NFL 2011 Super Bowl Week: Sayings and Common Knowledge

NFL Truthful Statements – Common Football Knowledge


  • When the team gets into the RED ZONE the team must score Touchdowns not Field Goals.
  • Running Backs are a dime a dozen, don’t put all your eggs in the running backs basket. Their NFL career service length is the shortest in the league due to the nature of the running backs job.
  • Injuries happen in the NFL but it’s the good teams that recover from their injuries but its’ harder now with the salary cap not like the 70’s & 80’s when teams like the Cowboys, Redskins, and 49ers just stock piled the players.
  • There are three phases to every game and winning two out of three will give the team the leg up on winning the game. The three phases Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.
  • The team that wins the turn over battle usually wins the game and the team must minimize the mistakes.
  • The corner stone or foundation of any good team starts with the lines. The offensive line must be the most comprehensive unit on the team.  And the defense line must be able to stop the run and at the same time be able to put enough pressure on the quarterback that a team does not need to blitz.
  • The team must be able to win the war in the trenches.
  • The NFL is a week to week league where baseball is a game to game league. The time between the games in the NFL gives the teams, the reporters, and the fans to dwell on the team’s performance and reporting stories about the teams or actions of players on and off the field. Where in baseball there will be another game the next night so forgetting that player making an error in the bottom of the ninth costing the team a win is easier to forget than a interception returned for a touchdown in the final two minutes to cost the team a win because we have ALL Week to read and think about that dam throw!
  • Must win the 4th Quarter. Meaning end the game strong, but really need to tie or win all four quarters.
  • Must be able to pound the ball. Meaning must be able to run the ball which will open the passing game and the play-action pass. Along with this statement of pounding the ball comes this one; The Offense must have a balance attack. Even if your opponent has stopped your teams running game you must still attempt the run to keep the defense honest.
  • Must be able to get the ball in the end zone. This goes along with the Red Zone problems of touchdowns not field goals.
  • The team that lives by the Blitz can and may die by the Blitz.
  • Start fast and try to get on top of your opponent before he knew what hit him, or said this way “Take the wind out of their sails”

Can you Think of Any? I know I probably forgot a lot of good NFL Sayings.


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