NFL 2011 Super Bowl XLV

National Football League Super Bowl Number 45

Pittsburg Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers

Two Great NFL Franchises trying to win another Super Bowl. For the Steelers they are going for number Seven and are currently Six and One in their Super Bowl appearances. Meanwhile the Green Bay Packers are going for their Thirteen NFL Championship of which Three are Super Bowl wins.

Playing in the Billion Dollar Stadium; “The Stadium Jerry Built”. Jerry Jones wanted to host a Super Bowl but he sure wishes his Dallas Cowboys was playing and could have been the first home team hosting a Super Bowl Game. But his team was the Leagues Major Disappointment. And the Super Bowl week weather has been a major turn-off too just think about the snow and ice falling off that Mansion of a Stadium did Jerry think of that when designing his master piece. But the question is will this poor week’s worth of bad weather be out done once the Super Bowl Game moves to the New Meadowlands Stadium?

Can this game give one Quarterback his just dews and allow him to finally be placed on everyone’s top QB lists? Or does his past transgression off the field still hang heavily over his head? And can the other Quarterback finally get past the questions of replacing a legionary player? Or are the fans still stuck in the pass with Vince Lombardi and “The Ice Bowl and The Goal Line Stand”, along with remembering the Mississippi Farm Boy who helped Packer Nation Rise again from their demise and return to their greatness again. So in conclusions both Quarterbacks have some kind of issues hanging over their head just which Quarterback will come out smelling like roses and lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy on Sunday Night. One thing I will say the Quarterback with the off the field issues will still have that issue hanging over his head, which in my opinion he should, but the question is will some fans forgive him for another Super Bowl Win?

Just thinking off the wall which players are you betting will Say “I’m Going to Disneyland!” or is it Disney World? Well my best guess would be for the Steelers Troy Polamalu not Big Ben because his off the field problems, and if the Packers win Aaron Rodgers.

Now back to the Super Bowl Game and not the Commercials. For I am wishing for a closely played game that is an Offensive Battle with the game coming down to the final 2 minutes or better yet going into OVERTIME. But either way I think the Green Bay Packers have enough speed in their Receiving Corp to give the Pittsburgh Steelers problems and that will be enough to pull out a 31-28 Green Bay Packer win. But this is if the Green Bay Packers can hold off a quick start by the Pittsburgh Steelers Offense and Defense, if the Packers can get over the opening quarter nerves and keep it close we might have a GOOD Game. Just please whoever wins make the game interesting so the Commercials doesn’t dominate the Super Bowl Game like most years!

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