March Madness Round of 32 Reviews:

This is truly a 64 team field no matter what the NCAA calls the first four games in Dayton, Ohio. We really know those are the “Play in Games” and reviewing them is pointless because we do not figure them in our “Bracket Selections


#12 Oregon vs. #4 St. Louis University…. This was a NCAA Tournament Selection Committee made upset. Why? Ask yourself how could Oregon have been a twelve seed? I say for this reason I could not count this as an upset but I’ll leave it in the upset category just because of the committee.

#9 Wichita State vs. #1 Gonzaga …. The first number one goes down not surprising for some of the Talking Heads who thought Gonzaga should have never gotten that seed and was not surprised by their lost. The headlines where written by Wichita State…. “The Shockers Shock the Zagas!”

#15 Florida Gulf Coast vs. #7 San Diego State… The “Glass Slipper” truly fits FGCU after beating seventh seed San Diego State and being the first fifteen seed to advance to The Sweet Sixteen.

Close Calls:

#2 Ohio State vs. #10 Iowa State…. Ohio State just pulled this one out by getting Iowa State to make too many turnovers which just outweighed Iowa State offensive rebounds.

#1 Indiana vs. #9 Temple…. In a low scoring dog fight number one seed Indiana scored the last ten points to keep their dreams alive and not allowing ninth seed Temple to pull off an upset and get into the Sweet Sixteen. Indiana scored just enough in their lowest scoring game this year.

#2 Miami vs. #7 Illinois…. After a close call from seventh seed Illinois second seed Miami was able to survive & advance and making it the first time three Florida Teams were able to make it to The Sweet Sixteen.

Best Games of the Tournament:

#3 Marquette vs. #6 Butler…. A game with twist and turns that game down to a last second shot but like their first matchup this season in Maui Butler wasn’t able to hit that miracle shot this time so, Marquette got its revenge. And the taste of a win with the sweet smell of revenge is finer when drunk in the dance of an NCAA Tournament.

#13 LaSalle vs. #12 Mississippi…. Thirteen seed LaSalle from the “Play in Game” to The Sweet Sixteen after defeating another want-a-be Cinderella twelve seed Ole Miss. Who would ever guess LaSalle winning three straight games? LaSalle just wants to keep wearing “The Glass Slipper” a little longer maybe the Elite Eight or could LaSalle keep it on into the Final Four? A great story line to follow along with the fifteen seed Florida Gulf Coast and it’s that what makes this Tournament so great are the story lines it generates.


The thinking before each year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament who will be this year’s Cinderella and wear the “Glass Slipper”. Well, in Round One we saw it slip onto the feet of the Harvard players, and the amazing play of the Florida Gulf Coast players. But, having it stay on and wearing the “Glass Slipper” for more than a game is hard for a fifteen seed and a fourteen seed. Saying that a thirteen seed LaSalle is still wearing their “Glass Slipper” after two wins but one win was in a “Play in Game” so that does not really count for wearing it for two games. LaSalle didn’t truly get their shoe fitting until their win over number four seed Kansas State. And now it truly fits LaSalle after beating Ole Miss and advancing to The Sweet Sixteen along with Florida Gulf Coast after they too advanced after beating San Diego State.

The question I have to ask myself can a nine seed be fitted for a “Glass Slipper”. I say yes after beating a number one they sure can! So, if a nine seed could be fitted for a slipper why couldn’t Oregon a number twelve seed wear the “Glass Slipper”? Sorry, No! The making of a Cinderella is not manmade you have to be born into the roll and the Selection Committee made Oregon’s twelve seed an unfair seeding to their first and second round opponents. So, Oregon’s feet are too big to wear the “Glass Slipper”.

Next stop The Sweet Sixteen. How’s your Bracket now? No perfect brackets, no way did anybody have LaSalle and Florida Gulf Coast in The Sweet Sixteen.

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