Are You Ready for Some Baseball!

With the Baseball Season starting this Sunday Night, the last day of March in the year 2013, the question has to be asked “Are You Ready for Some Baseball.”

Well if I had to answer the question now, I who say No! Could it be the Early Spring Snow Storms, where 13.5 inches of snow was dumped onto my driveway just four days ago? So, how can I get so excited about a game played on lush green fields while my back is hurting from shoveling all that snow off my driveway? Or just maybe I have watched too many Spring Training Games on the MLB Network and watched the World Baseball Classic that I am already burnt out on baseball? I don’t know but I can honestly say that I am ready for spring to officially start, so does this mean I’m ready for baseball? Again I don’t know because I’m still in March Madness Mode and looking forward to the NFL draft. Yes. The NFL Draft; the NFL has turned their sport with the least played games into a year round interest sport with the Combine work outs in Indy, Free Agents Signing, the Now, Three Day Draft Event, and the Spring Training Minatory Workout Camps. And then it starts all over with the Preseason Training Camps, Preseason Games, the Season, the Playoffs and then the Super Bowl.

Now answer the pending question Are You Ready for Some Baseball? Well, with all the money being spent in LA on players that may or may not be worth it, that the pressures of World Series or Bust for the Dodgers and Angles may have me ready. With the rumors of up and coming teams that might bring the excitement back to once Great Cities/Teams like the Seattle Mariners and the Kansas City Royals. This could get me ready with the young teams having the ability to catch the Older over Paid Teams like Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees. So that maybe the reason I might be ready for baseball as I am a Long Time Yankee Hater and seeing their Senior Citizen Players fail and end up spending more money to bail them out of a jam even though the Yankee Front Office as put a ceiling on spending. What a joke, we all know once the losses start piling up and the Yankees Fans start blowing up the Sports Radio Air Ways the bank vault will once again open.

Can I really be ready for baseball for the reason seeing another team change leagues like the Milwaukee Brewers did a few years back going from the American League to the National League? But, this time we have a National League Team going to the American League and we’ve learned the payroll is staying in the Owners Pockets by not even paying his 25 man rooster the amount A-Rod is being paid to set out and rehab his surgical repaired hip, which is again another attempt to FOOL the paying fans that the Front Office is really trying to put a Winning Team on the Field.

I might be ready to see if All the Major League Teams will allow their none injured players play the full 162 game schedule. I hate to say it but the Washington Nationals after setting a pitch count limit and setting one of their best pitcher in 2012 season just before the playoffs it just may back fire on them in two ways. One is I can see the Nationals not making the playoffs in 2013 and the second is their so-called protected pitcher will again have arm troubles.

Well, most of the snow is melted and temperatures are returning back to normal temps for this time of year so, I guess I am somewhat ready for baseball. So, there I have answered the question it took me some time but what else do I have to do. Oh, the Elite Eight Games and onto the Final Four! Sorry, baseball just not ready yet!

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