About My Blog

As this is about My Blog, I will try and explain myself.

Now as for my Blog title “One True Road Warrior” ….I am a True Road Warrior… After living more than 20 years on the Road and Calling “Home” the local Hotel. I  feel I am a Road Warrior and just now looking forward for my next adventure and sharing it with all the would be readers and Bloggers.

So what awaits in my Blog….Of course MY opinions…Maybe Photos of the Road; past, present, and future. You see being a camera nut and being a Road Warrior it goes hand in hand…..And Of course MY thoughts and concerns on personal a note and what matters in the world, since this is the world wide web. Is it not?

So this is just the start of what I hope to be a Blog that may not be too boring to some and too others give the insight to what it means to be a Road Warrior.

Subjects will vary from Life in General, Road History, The Economy, Literary & Poetic  Writings (I am kind of want-a-be poet) and Sports Blog. I was raised on sports and am truly a sports nut.

This Blog is not an attempt to hurt or offend anybody. It is just the opinions, thoughts, and concerns of an Old Road Warrior having fun putting them into words.


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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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