One’s Memories and Dreams

If One could remember the days gone by
It may put One in One’s place
If One’s dreams have become One’s realization
But One’s memories are becoming cloudy in One’s old age
In One’s younger days it was so clear and bright
But One has seen One’s share of life’s storms
With thunder running throughout One’s memories
It’s hard to tell if One as overcome life’s storms
Or settled on One’s path of least resistance
Only One truly knows
But One wants to know if One is still dreaming
Or if One is settling for One’s memories
For if One is still young One could still dream
Yet it has been said when One gets older One does not dream
But if One cannot dream does One become old
This dilemma is in One’s dreams and memories
So does this mean One’s dilemmas will keep One young?
If so One may never get old
Or just maybe One has broken the rule and has gotten old
And is living in One’s memories and dreams
For this is One’s dilemma that may keep One young
For One’s dilemma maybe another One’s dreams
For One is hoping One is not in just another One of life’s storms
Because for One is not in Kansas anymore
Oh, One’s Memories and Dreams

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President Obama’s 2013 NCAA Bracket Picks vs. Road Warrior a Common Man

President Obama Picks

Road-Warrior’s Picks

No matter your political views I must say it is nice to have a true sports fan in the White House. The pressures of that job is enormous and it is nice to see that just maybe he can set back for just a couple of minutes and enjoy life and his passions. Forget the nay sayers that says he is spending too much time on his NCAA brackets and not on the concerns of this Great Nation. Please get over yourself, every minute of every day, he is on the job. Do you not forget his home office is in the White House.

I am not stating my politcal party or if I did or din’t vote for him. But at least in this Great Nation we have a choice. Just one thing I wish to state “Can we please leave politics out of sports and NEVER again boycott any Games!”

So. Good Luck,

See if you to can beat the President.

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March Madness – or – Bracket Busters ….

That time of the year is here again when every Collage Sports Fan Goes Nuts! When filling your bracket takes president over your family and your job, just ask the current President of these United States of America. When all the Talking-Heads and so-called experts predict who will wear that golden slipper this year and which teams will be in the Sweet 16 and Final Four and finally the National Champion. And for once we will listen to all of them just because we think we need all the help we can get to win that “Stupid Office Pool” when, we all know any novice can fill out a bracket and have just as good as a chance to win as all you’re debating over that twelve seed beat that five seed.

To be honest I too have to throw myself under the bus for studying the bracket and flip flopping over a nine seed beating an eight seed than doing my daily job. But, and this is a BIG BUT, NCAA Division I Men’s College Basketball has not been the same since all the High School Seniors getting drafted into the NBA. I truly believe this has made both sports weaker than they have been in years. And now the One and Done rule was a weak attempt by the NBA to remedy the problem. There has been only a few High School Seniors that has been ready to play in the NBA. It is hard for a child to play with men. Be honest just think back to your High School graduation, again be honest, in your mind you where thinking I’m an adult now and I’m ready for the adult world, but in truly you where a child getting ready to be an adult. Honestly only a very, very few young adults fresh out of High School are ready for the adult world and playing sports with grown men there are even fewer.

NCAA College Basketball was once, ONCE, was my favorite sport. Watching all the rivalries played each other twice a year and if lucky maybe three times a year like; Duke vs. North Carolina, Michigan vs. Michigan State, Georgetown vs. Syracuse, Missouri vs. Kansas, Louisville vs. Kentucky and so on….and so on… and so on. But the good High School players went to the money and the NBA and now are One & Done. Again if I had that chance to make that kind of cash for playing a sport I would have took the pay check too. But this isn’t about the money it’s about being ready to play with men and a High School Senior is not ready.

If the NBA Owners and the NBA Players Association was smart they would come to an agreement to not to draft any player until after his junior year in college, just like the NFL. This would allow the older NBA players to keep their jobs longer and improve the product coming into the NBA and if there was that case of a hard luck player that needed the money to support his family then allow him to be drafted but could start or play in the NBA until after what would have been his junior year, the team’s options could be allowing him to play in the NBA “D” League or play the NBA Team’s Practice squad. This example would also allow College Basketball to get back to what it once was, the strong programs being dominated over the mid-majors not the majority of the mid-majors winning over the One & Done.

And NOW, the NCAA has put the final nail in the coffin by allowing all the Conference Realignment due to the money in College Football it has killed College Basketball for me. The multiple rivalry games have been reduced. The Conference games are getting to the point to mean nothing to me and I haven’t watched any of the 2012-2013 season. So, filling my bracket this year will be like most novices, use a dart board, favorite teams colors (Sorry Notre Dame, just pitiful), favorite team mascot, or just go chalk.

The only thing I look forward for now it College Basketball is the Bracket Challenge and the Tournament so, PLEASE, NCAA don’t screw this up too and add even more teams. No one cares about the play in games or what the NCAA Calls it “Round 1”. It is still a “Play in Game!”

So, have add it Talking Heads who will be this year’s Cinderella? And who will be your bracket buster?

Good Luck to ALL,

    Just one more thing…….

                ROCK! JOCK—JAYHAWKS!!!!

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NASCAR Gen6 Car Review Season 2013 Spring Bristol

Race Rating: C

Track Rating: D

“Oh Where Oh Where as my Race Track Gone?

    That is what NASCAR Race Fans where singing after the “Progressive Banking” replacement. The old Bump & Pass of years gone by went the way of the DOE-DOE BIRD, it flew SOUTH. Then before the 2012 Summer’s Night Race the Track Officials made a decision to grind down some of the upper track to remove some of the Progressive Banking since fans showed how much they disliked the new paving surface by not buying tickets.

    Well the track maybe moving to a one groove track again but it may have moved from the low lane to what is now to the upper lane. Or is the track still a two groove with a middle lane and an upper lane And maybe it is a three groove track if the car is set up to run the old lower groove. So, HOW MANY Grooves does Bristol have? WELL, TO MANY FOR THIS RACE FAN and from the fans I saw from the FOX Cameras TO MANY FOR TICKET BUYERS TOO!

    Fans still want Bristol back to the days when the driver’s tempers at the end of the race was hotter than their engines. The DAYS of the CHROME HORN and Bump & Pass. The Bristol Fan was used to “Rumpin’ is Racing”. Not Two wide and never three wide. In the days gone by you would have seen a major pile up if three wide ever entered or exited the corners. Please get the track back to the days when the driver with a clean car wasn’t trying and back to the days when Sheet Metal Damage meant you where driving your guts out.

    As for the New Gen6 Car the tires took a beating and seemed to be the only action for much of the race. Was this caused by Goodyear? I do not think so! My feeling is to get the New Gen6 Car to turn better the teams are pushing the camber and pushing a two tire change too much. Because this New Gen6 car still has handling problems and the teams want track position over four tires more than ever now. If the teams could be honest and could not be fined by NASCAR they would say the Gen6 car still has problems passing. With only a few teams getting their cars hooked up to the upper groove the excitement was few and far between the tires blowing. Once again we saw the driver with an ill handling…tight car.. still hard to pass once out front. Traffic and having a two groove car made the biggest difference on most of the lead changes.


    Follower the leader racing will NEVER begin the fans back no matter how Good the Economy gets.

    And Bristol of my Dreams has always been my favorite track. The Action and Tempers kept the race fans talking for weeks about who was getting who and when the revenge or payback would occur, THAT IS LIKE YOUR LOCAL SATURDAY NIGHT RACING, But on a NATIONAL LEVEL…..PLEASE Bring My Dream Back!

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The Danica coverage from FOX, Speed Channel and ESPN is gone overboard. I thought last year with Danica in NASCAR Nationwide Series coverage was too much, but I was willing to forgive since it was her first season full time in any NASCAR Series. Now with Danica racing the 2013 season with Stewart/Haas Racing and with her sponsor the coverage is none stop. OK I get it she was the first woman to win a pole and it was Daytona. I will allow the Networks to cover her from head to toe during Daytona but I see after The 2013 Subway 350 at PIR and this past weekend in Las Vegas the 2012 NASCAR Nationwide coverage is starting all over.

First off we all know why Danica has her ride in NASCAR. Danica has a longtime sponsor and we all know sponsors are hard to come by in these poor economic times we all live in. So some teams’ sell their seats to the driver that can bring his/her own money to the team or better yet bring a full time sponsor to the team.

Second in the Indy Car Series Danica only won once in a fuel mileage race in Japan when the cars at that time had boost control. She was told to turn her boost down and save gas and Danica won the race. That’s great she beat the boys but in NASCAR there is no boost control to win a gas mileage race it takes a good handling car and gas petal control, and there’s already too many drivers in Sprint Cup that know how to win those type of races. Good Luck Danica winning those types of races in NASCAR.

Third Danica still hasn’t proven her ability to handle the heavier NASCAR type cars. In Indy Cars the higher speeds has allowed Danica to show some skill on the restrictor plate tracks like Daytona and Talladega, but since the repaving the drivers all agree the handling is not as important as speed in the car. Danica can handle speed but can’t get a car to handle. Look how many Crew Chefs she has had. She has trouble telling the Crew Chefs what she feeling and what the car is doing. As Kyle Petty said on NASCAR Race Day on Speed “Danica is not a driver, she needs to show me she can drive a race car”.

Now let’s get back to the over coverage, it looks like the Networks are going to cover Danica in 2013 like they did in 2012. The pre-race cover Danica always gets interviewed like she is a top ten driver when other drivers not in the top ten never get mention or interviewed. So, you have to listen to her twice once on Speed Race Day Pre Race Show and then on FOX once they start their Pre Race show. Then you have the talking heads, so-called experts, falling all over Danica like Darrell Waltrip, Larry McReynolds, and Kenny & Rusty Wallace. Next is during the race Danica gets highlighted now matter what position she is in, even if she is lapped and in last place. Then once she wrecks or has a part failure and maybe somehow finished the race Danica will be interviewed like she finished in the top ten. OK I do say Danica has a right to be interviewed but over coverage is going to drive the Hardcore NASCAR Racing Fans nuts specially when Danica hasn’t done much to deserve this much coverage. I get it, she is a woman, but Danica is not the only woman who ever raced in NASCAR and currently there is another woman trying to make it in the Nationwide Series that never gets the media like Danica

Lastly Enough is Enough I will NOT add to Danica Hype this is the LAST BLOG I will write about Danica. Please FOX Sports, The Speed Channel and ESPN & ESPN2 cool the coverage too!

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I’m Sorry NASCAR for Calling You Names

Sorry NASCAR for being a Big A-Hole and calling your origination Two Faced. I guess now when the drivers get interviewed they should stop answering any question and stop doing NASCAR Media Days. When interviewed the drivers should just state “My ______ (fill in the maker of vehicle) is Good and I am grateful for my sponsors _____, ______, and ______.” “Also I would like to thank my team for all their hard work here at the track and back at the shop.” Then walk away or if you give any honest answers NASCAR may just fine you for just telling the truth.

NASCAR needs to come to the relation that the Fans just want to see good-hard racing where the winner is decided on the track not in the pits. The fans have left because of the poor U.S. economy but that is not the only reason. The lack of racing and excitement on the track has made the fans find other forms of entertainment. The Fans doesn’t want to see anybody hurt but they do want to see action on the track not follower the leader for 500 miles, they can get that out on any Interstate. For an example look at the fans and the lack of attendance after the track changes at Thunder Valley, Bristol was one of the hardest tickets to get when the cars had push and grind on each other to pass then the ticket sales fall off after the progressive bank changes and now the track has made changes again to get the fans back. Let us see how this New Gen6 takes to the changes. Looking at the first three races it does look good.

Look NASCAR I am a loyal fan and just want the talk on Monday Morning to be about how good the Sunday Race was not how boring it was. So, please make changes to the Gen6 Car and the Goodyear Tires and settle the winner of the race on the track not who is first out of the pits.

I can still remember the days when the tires gave up after twenty laps and it was the driver and crew chef that had the best setup on older tires that had a chance to win the race over the car who was good on a short run. Or when the tire blister so bad the driver hard to pit because the setup was wrong, but now the left side tires are so hard they truly don’t need to be changed. I know Goodyear and NASCAR is worried about safety and the soft tires blew and forced cars into the wall but this new Gen6 Car is allowing the crew chef to adjust the camber too much and blowing tires. But with the ill handling Gen6 Car the crew chefs have to do something to get the tires into the track.

Well we will see if it is the same old same NASCAR statements or will NASCAR make the necessary changes. Or will it take something like I wrote in another Blog, if Jack “The Cat in the Hat” Roush starts bitching and wanting changes made? And will NASACR fine Jack like NASCAR fined Denny?

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NASCAR Gen6 Car 2013 Season Review: Las Vegas

Race Rating: C

    Mother Nature and Matt “The King of Blocking” Kenseth with his Crew Chef’s last pit stop call won this race not NASCAR and the New Gen6 Car. Mother Nature threw the NASCAR Teams a curve ball with NASCAR scheduling testing of the Gen6 car on Thursday and Mother Nature raining out on practice and qualifying on Friday the conditions changed on Sunday to sunshine with a slick and bumpy track, catching a lot of NASCAR Teams with loose and ill handling cars.

    Mother Nature made this race not NASCAR and the New Gen6 car and is the reason I rated this race the highest of the young season so far. With comers and goers the race was which NASCAR TEAM is going to get their Gen6 car adjusted the best and the fastest. A few teams made the correct changes and were able to come to the front of the field but this was not because of a great race but because of Mother Nature.

    A note to FOX’s Race Booth Analysis Larry McReynolds that stated “I don’t want to hear anymore about these cars can’t pass, there has been passing today.” Larry please open your eyes and look at the reasons why this race had more passing than the previous two. NOT because of the Gen6 car but because the cars were so loose and ill handling the drivers couldn’t get off the corners, as DW stated “They’re dirt tracking it.” NASCAR had some passing for the lead but most lead changes again were after cautions and the other passing was done after the good on short runs ill handling cars gave up the lead to the better longer run ill handling cars. If this is what WE NASCAR Fans have to have to get some passing back in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series than please Mother Nature rain every Friday for Sunday Races and Thursday for Saturday Races. Better yet, NASCAR please just get this New Gen6 Car racing better. I heard all the talk about the two years of development….enough talk now…. please adjust that development and stop fining drivers for expressing their opinions.

    Again Goodyear and NASCAR gave the teams a HARD left side tire where two tires could out run four tires in the long run and at the end no tires won the race over two tires.


Well let’s us see how Thunder Valley greets the New Gen6 Car next week?


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